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Understanding Payroll Giving for Hospiscare

Understanding Payroll Giving for Hospiscare

Payroll Giving provides a straightforward method for individuals to contribute to Hospiscare directly from their salary, accompanied by tax benefits.

If you set up a £10 monthly donation only £8 would be deducted from your pay check, and the remaining £2 will be covered by HMRC.

This method of support ensures a steady income stream for Hospiscare, helps your donation go further and helps us to support everyone who needs us the most.

For Employees

For employees looking to participate, setting up Payroll Giving just involves a discussion with the team responsible for your payroll. Once set up, your contribution will be automatically directed from your salary and sent to Hospiscare with each payday.

Flexibility is a key feature; adjustments to donation amounts or temporary pauses can be easily managed through communication with your employer.

For Employers

Employers not currently engaged in Payroll Giving can explore approved agencies listed on the HMRC Payroll Giving page. These agencies facilitate the process, ensuring seamless transfer of employees’ contributions to Hospiscare.

This initiative aims to provide a clear understanding of Payroll Giving and its tangible benefits for both individuals and employers, fostering sustained support for Hospiscare’s crucial services.

For more information on Payroll Giving, click here.

For a list of payroll giving agencies, click here.

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