From abseils to afternoon teas, and coastal walks to wing walks, there are so many ways to support your local hospice.

Doing the parachute jump was my way of making sure that other families who need it can be surrounded by the love that we felt.”


Fundraising during COVID-19

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean your fundraising comes to an end. There’s still plenty of fun ways you can raise money for Hospiscare. And we need your help more than ever, as we’re expecting our income to drop by more than £1 million due to COVID-19. Below are a few ideas to get you started…

Make a monthly contribution to Hospiscare

The hospice’s income is not recovering from the pandemic quickly enough to keep pace with costs and we’re facing a large gap in our funding. One way to help address this is by making a small monthly donation to Hospiscare, which will give us a regular income and help to stabilise our income.

If you would like to make a regular, or one-off, donation please click here.

Being in touch

If you’d like to talk about your fundraising idea with one of our community fundraisers, need help with posters or want to request some fundraising goodies, please call the fundraising team on 01392 688020 or email

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