How to refer a patient

How to refer a patient

We support adults with a progressive life-limiting illness in Exeter, Mid and East Devon. Referrals are encouraged on the basis of need rather than diagnosis.

Who does Hospiscare support?

Some of our patients are in the advanced stages of a disease and need palliative or end of life care. However, we also support people with complex specialist needs, some of whom may benefit from being referred to us at an earlier stage of their illness, particularly to support discussions around planning for the future. If you’re not sure whether or not your patient meets our criteria, please do submit a referral form (see below for details) so we can make an assessment. 

Who can refer patients to Hospiscare?

We can accept referrals from medical staff, specialist nurses and members of a patient’s primary health care team. The patient must agree to the referral and the patient’s GP must also be informed.

Why might patients benefit from being referred?

We take a holistic approach to care and can help with:

  • Managing complex or rapidly changing symptoms, including severe symptoms that aren’t responding to current care
  • Psychological and emotional support for patients, families and carers
  • Discussion of palliative treatment options
  • Difficult communication issues
  • Advice on advance care planning and end of life care
  • Signposting to practical advice and social support
  • Spiritual care and support

How to refer

1. Fill in a referral form

GP surgeries should all have a copy of our referral form. It can also be downloaded from the Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust HUB. If you don’t have a referral form, please call the Hospiscare Clinical Administration Team on 01392 688024.

2. Send us your completed referral form

Please send the form by secure email (NHS net) to GPs can refer patients through SystmOne if preferred. We will need up to date medical and other relevant information, so may ask you to email us medical summaries, copies of investigations etc.

In cases of genuine urgency, telephone referrals are accepted. The number to call is 01392 688024. However, the call must be followed by a completed referral form. 

What happens after a patient has been referred?

A member of our team will contact the patient directly.  

Community COVID-19 Bereavement Support in Exeter, Mid- and East Devon

Hospiscare has opened a bereavement referral line for Exeter, Mid- and East Devon. This referral line is for healthcare professional to refer families and carers for bereavement support after a person has died from COVID-19 in a community setting.

Call the bereavement support referral line on 01392 688034 or make a referral via We are open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.

  • Our bereavement referral form can be downloaded here.