Hospiscare is campaigning for fair statutory funding for our hospice. To find out more, please see www.hospiscare.co.uk/fair 

Private health insurance

Private health insurance

Do you have private health insurance? If so, your provider might be willing to make a donation to Hospiscare.

Hospiscare is a local charity. We’re proud that all the care we provide is free of charge. However, only 18% of our costs are covered by the NHS, so we have to raise around £8 million a year.  If you’ve received support from Hospiscare and have private health insurance, we can ask for a donation from your insurance provider. It won’t cost you anything and we can sort it all out for you. 

All you need to do is download and complete this form. 

Once you’ve filled it in, please pass the form to one of our nursing team or post it to: The Clinical Administration Team, Hospiscare, Searle House, Dryden Road, Exeter EX2 5JJ.

We’ll write to your insurer asking if they’d be willing to make a donation to us on your behalf. 

How does it work?

While your health insurance company doesn’t need to pay for the support you’ve received from us, many providers are willing to make a donation. You don’t need to have stayed on our ward for us to apply for a donation; we can still request one if you’ve received support at home or attended one of our day hospices. 

How much will Hospiscare receive? 

It depends on the policy you have and who your insurer is. Sadly, some insurers specifically exclude hospices and some policies exclude certain medical conditions. We’ll let you know what your insurance company decides. 

Which insurance companies are likely to donate? 

We know that the following insurance companies have donated to hospices in the past: 

  • Aviva Healthcare 
  • Axa PPP 
  • Bupa 
  • CS Healthcare 
  • Exeter Friendly Society 
  • Pruhealth 
  • SimplyHealth 
  • WPA 

Other companies may also be willing to make a donation, so it’s always worth filling in the form just in case. 

Do I have to give you my insurance details?

There is absolutely no obligation for you to provide us with your details, but if you can it is very much appreciated. 

What happens if I don’t have health insurance?

Have you been a member of an organisation such as a trade union, professional body or the armed services? Please let us know if so, by emailing clinicaladmin@hospiscare.co.uk, as they may be able to help. 

Please don’t worry if you don’t have insurance. All of our care is free of charge. If you don’t already have health insurance, don’t take it out on our behalf, as it’s unlikely you’d be covered for existing conditions so we wouldn’t be able to request a donation.

Can I claim for someone who has now passed away?

If they were supported by Hospiscare and had health insurance, please do let us know. We can request a donation from the insurance provider for the care they received from us.