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Facebook Fundraising

Facebook Fundraising

Facebook fundraisers are a brilliant way to fundraise for Hospiscare, find out why and learn some top tips.

Why create a Facebook fundraiser?

Facebook fundraisers are a brilliant way to raise money for Hospiscare.

You can easily create your own in minutes and share it on your social media so all of your friends and family can help you reach your goal. Every single penny you raise comes directly to us.

Facebook will automatically suggest setting up a Facebook fundraiser when it’s near your birthday but there are lots of other occasions where you can create one to help us care for more patients and families living with terminal illness.

Why not create a fundraiser at Christmas, for special events like your wedding, in memory of a loved one or for any of your own fundraising events.

Create your own Facebook fundraiser

Top Tips for setting up a Facebook Fundraiser

  • Set a target – choose an amount that feels achievable. You can always change it as you go! Start with around £200.
  • Make it personal – if there’s a personal angle, your friends and family will want to support you even more! You can edit the ‘About’ section to tell people why it’s important to you that Hospiscare is here for local patients and you can even change the cover photo.
  • Make the first donation – giving to your on fundraiser gets the ball rolling and shows how much you believe in your cause. It’s also a great way to reassure friends and family that it’s a safe way to give!
  • Share your fundraiser – use this feature when setting up your fundraiser and share it with everyone you’re connected to on Facebook. You can share it more personally with family, friends and colleagues by sending them a link using WhatsApp, text or email. Share it on your timeline too, saying why Hospiscare matters to you and asking people to donate.
  • Update, thank… and repeat – your fundraiser will be set to run for two or three weeks, so aim to post something once a week – or ideally two or three times! Include posts thanking everyone who’s donated that week. You can even tag them in the post for an even more personal touch.
  • It’s a great idea to post a big thank you message when you hit milestone amounts. Add a picture to grab attention – or, even better, post a video! Live videos work especially well and can get up to 10 times more comments than a standard post. Be brave!
  • When your fundraiser’s over, don’t forget that final post to remind everyone the difference they have made and say thanks again for donating!

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