Our impact

Our impact

"Just seeing everything that you do for your patients at Hospiscare means so much. No one knows when, if or how we will need services like Hospiscare. I don’t think I’ve got the words to express how wonderful it is here."

We can’t change a diagnosis, but we can change someone’s life after diagnosis

Every year, we care for over 2,000 local people living with a terminal illness. This care is provided at no cost to the patient and their family as we believe that everyone, no matter their circumstances or economic standing, deserves the right to a good death.

Impact Report 2019-2020

Read Hospiscare’s 2019-2020 Impact Report

Hospiscare is needed now more than ever

Changes in lifestyle, health and welfare mean that we can all expect to live for longer, but not necessarily in good health. Life expectancy in Devon is particularly high and an older, rural population means greater pressure on health services.

The population of our county is also changing, with a projected increase in population of 100,000 over the next 20 years. There is a greater need for end-of-life care than is currently available and with Devon’s ageing population, demand is only going to increase.

People are now living longer with multiple diagnoses and, although treatments are improving, it means that patients towards the end of life have complex needs which often require a holistic, specialist approach to enable them to achieve the best death.


"Thanks to Jayne, my grandad’s Hospiscare nurse, he stayed at home with no hospital admission until he was directly admitted to the hospice on Boxing Day."

"In the last week of his life, he had time to say goodbye to us all and told me that I’d better have a girl! Fortunately for my grandad, he knew a week before he died that this was going to be the case."

Patients are at the heart of everything we do

We know that every day matters to our patients; that is why a lot of the work we do revolves around life, rather than death.

  • 96.7%

    patients recommended us on IWantGreatCare

  • 582

    people were allocated a bereavement volunteer

  • 112

    thank you letters and cards were received

It’s the people who shape our organisation

From staff to volunteers, every person within our Hospiscare family is dedicated to making every day matter to our patients and their loved ones.

Our volunteers give so much to Hospiscare, not only committing their time and energy but also bringing their personal and professional expertise to their roles. We have around 1,000 volunteers and, on average, our volunteers donate three hours of their time per week which equates to approximately £1.3m per year.


"People come to volunteering for all sorts of reasons. For me, it is because Hospiscare holds a special place in my heart."

Kelly’s step-dad, Malcolm, was diagnosed with cancer and passed away four years ago under our care. Shortly after Malcolm died, Kelly knew she wanted to give something back to Hospiscare by becoming a volunteer in our Marketing and Communications department.

Read Kelly's story

We receive just 18% of our funding from the NHS

Hospiscare relies on the support of our community to generate 82% of the income needed to fund our care. This ensures that end-of-life care and family support is delivered at no cost to our patients and their loved ones.

Gifts in Wills form a vital part of our charity’s income. Without the generosity of those in our community who choose to remember our charity in their Wills, we simply could not operate our services. Find out more.

We raise approximately £8 million every year to provide our services. This is how our income and expenditure was split in 2019-20:

How we raised and spent funds

Looking ahead

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still being felt and for all of us, the future still seems uncertain. From mid-March to the end of June, we reviewed and acted on 320 pieces of information relevant to managing care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve kept our ward open, although we had to make some adaptations for visitors based on government guidance. Our Hospiscare@Home 24/7 service in Seaton, Axminster, Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton and Lympstone has continued to care for patients in their homes during the last weeks and days of their lives.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was sparse at first and although its availability has now improved, we still have to monitor our stock levels and require regular deliveries. We cannot thank our supporters enough for coming to our aid when we put out a call for PPE; their donations have been a huge help.


"A simple hug or just a touch on the shoulder to support families..."

"These are the things we haven’t been able to do because of the distance we need to keep at the moment to keep everybody safe. I think our nurses find it tough because they can’t do the job they normally do; smiling and laughing with patients as although people are headed towards the end of life, there is still a lot of laughter and enjoyment at times."

Read Julie's story

Many of our fundraising events have been cancelled and our shops forced to close resulting in a drastic impact on our income. We’re predicting a minimum loss of £1 million during the financial year due to the impact of COVID-19 on our fundraising.

The road to recovery

As we all strive to find a ‘new normal’ way of life, our charity is committed to continuing its delivery of end-of-life care and bereavement support to our patients and their families.

Support our work

Join a family of thousands, who all believe that people with a life-limiting illness deserve the best care possible.

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