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Make a regular donation

Make a regular donation

Life is a journey we'll all reach the end of one day. Could you give us the regular support that will fund the care for local people coping with terminal illnesses?

Hospiscare exists to help local people coping with a terminal condition live every day they have to the fullest – free from pain, with dignity and independence.

We’re proud to offer our expert care across 1,000 square miles of Devon through our community nursing team. On our specialist ward in Exeter, our nurses and doctors help people get their symptoms and pain under control.

Along the way, our supportive care teams enable people to get the most out of each day with treatments and therapies – as well as supporting their loved ones during a vulnerable time.

But, every day, the demand for our care grows. Our teams are stretched and as a charity, we only receive a small portion of our funding from local government. Our vision – a future where we can support everyone who calls on us – is only achievable in partnership with people like you.

A regular gift by Direct Debit is an easy, affordable way to support Hospiscare. Any amount you’re able to give enables us to plan for the future of our vital service.

Make a regular donation today

It’s vital that we’re here for anyone who needs us today, tomorrow and into the future. Your kindness today could help keep our doors open, providing relief to people in their most vulnerable moments and enabling the precious memories families will treasure once their loved one has gone.

Read Kim and Karen’s story

Your monthly gift of...

  • £5

    could help people get the spiritual and wellbeing support when someone is reaching the end of their life.

  • £15

    could help us deliver expert clinical care to a patient at home, where they feel safe and comfortable.

  • £30

    could help us deliver expert clinical care to a patient in their last weeks of their life.

‘Being in the hospice was the best thing for our brother, Marc.’

Patient Marc on the IPU

“Marc was Karen’s and my younger brother; we had a fabulous childhood along with our other brother, Simon – playing on the beach where we lived in East Devon. Marc was a joy to be with – handsome, clever, funny. Everyone loved him, especially the girls!

Marc moved away, as people do, but always longed to move back. That became a reality last June; a few months later, he started to complain about pain after eating. After a series of doctor visits, he finally had a scan two days before Christmas. That’s when they found the growth on his pancreas. In hospital, they simply couldn’t get to his pain. It was awful, sitting beside him while he was in pain through the night.

That’s when the hospice came into our lives. He was nervous at first, worried that this might be the end of his life. But the first thing they did was sort out his pain. And for us, they couldn’t
do enough. Karen, who’s a retired nurse herself, was so impressed with everyone we met.

Marc was eventually well enough to stay with Karen with support from the Hospiscare specialist nurses. But it was his wish to go back in when the time came; it was important that we didn’t have those final memories of him at Karen’s. In his final days, his sons surrounded him and we could be there anytime.

When you walk into the hospice, you just feel love. Today, they’re still looking after us, calling to see how we’re doing. I’m setting up a regular gift because we know first hand how vital their care is. They’re simply wonderful. If you can, please start a regular gift today – your kindness will make a huge difference to families like ours.

Kim & Karen

Make a regular donation today