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Your questions answered

Your questions answered

Your frequently asked questions around leaving a gift in your Will to Hospiscare.

Your Will is one of the most important documents you’ll ever write. To ensure it’s exactly as you want it to be, we recommend using a legal professional to write your Will.

To help you take the first step, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with our advisor Louise on 01392 688020 or at legacyinfo@hospiscare.co.uk.

Can I write my own Will?

We recommend that you write your Will through a qualified legal professional. If you make any errors when writing it yourself, this can cause your Will to be invalidated, which can be stressful for your loved ones.

What happens if I don’t have a Will when I die?

If you die without having an up-to-date Will, it is up to the law to decide how your estate is distributed, which might not reflect your wishes.

What sort of gifts can I leave?

There are three types of gift that you can leave in your Will:

  • Residuary – this is a percentage of everything you own, otherwise known as a percentage of your estate.
  • Pecuniary – this is a fixed sum of money of your choice
  • Specific – this usually relates to an item, e.g. a piece of jewellery

Is a gift to Hospiscare subject to inheritance tax?

Gifts in Wills to charity are free of inheritance tax. Some people see this as a useful way of bringing their estate under the inheritance tax threshold. Your legal professional can advise you about the current threshold.

Should I tell Hospiscare if I include them in my Will?

Your Will is private. It is your choice whether you decide to tell us that you have left a gift to support end-of-life care in your community for generations to come. If you do let us know, we can say thank you and share with you the impact your gift will have.