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Hospiscare resilience appeal

Hospiscare resilience appeal

Hospiscare nurses need your help today to fund care for hundreds of terminally ill people across Exeter, Mid & East Devon.

The end of this pandemic is in sight; but we won’t be able to care for everyone who needs us in the months ahead without your support.

“Hospiscare’s response to the pandemic has been the proudest moment of my working life. But we need the help of generous local supporters to keep going.” – Tina Naldrett, Clinical Director

Last March, as we entered the first lockdown, we thought that by this time we’d all be back to normal. Well, we’re nearly there now. Our freedom to move around and see our families is gradually coming back – it’s a hopeful time. But here at the hospice we are fully aware that, in fact, we’re heading into what is going to be an even tougher situation. The reality is that, for our nursing team, 2021 is already presenting an even greater challenge than 2020.

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In the last year, so many people living with terminal conditions haven’t received the care they usually would have. The result is a large number of local people who are all much more ill now, with many sadly needing end-of-life care much sooner.

However, unlike our NHS nursing colleagues, we have to fund the care of 4 out of every 5 patients directly from donations and fundraising. But we’ve now had more than a year with limited fundraising and retail income – and it’s had a terrible effect on our finances. We’re expecting to lose £1.5m in the next financial year.

Our local community already does so much for us… But we need your support again now.

  • A donation of £50.69 could pay for an hour’s expert nursing on our Specialist Ward, caring for some of the poorliest patients.
  • A donation of £152.07 would enable a specialist community nurse to remain with a patient as they near the end of their life.
  • A gift today of £36.42 would cover the cost of a bereavement counselling session for someone in grief.

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“There is hope for the future, the vaccine has arrived, we will regain our freedoms. Right now, all our lives are hard. But for people who face spending their last days in isolation, away from their families, it’s unimaginably distressing.”  – Tina Naldrett

Whatever you can manage to donate today will make a difference. Please, give what you can.

Thank you, from the whole team here at the hospice for being part of the Hospiscare family.

Dad died at home, in bed, comfortable, out of pain – exactly what he wanted. There were times along the way that I wondered if we were going to be able to manage to give him his wish – but Hospiscare was there holding our hands the whole way. Thanks to their expertise, knowledge and compassion, Dad did it his way after all.”  Jo, patient’s daughter

Could you help us through 2021?