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How to host an Instagram giveaway

How to host an Instagram giveaway

Interested in hosting an Instagram giveaway in aid of Hospiscare? On this page you'll find a step-by-step guide to help make your giveaway a success!

Step 1

Choose which product (or a bundle) you want to offer as a giveaway. Bear in mind when choosing the product that you’ll need to cover the postage, so it’s best not to go for something huge! If you don’t have a product that can be posted, don’t worry! You can just make sure that participants know they need to be local to your area to collect the prize or redeem the voucher.

Step 2

Decide the rules of your giveaway. We’d suggest asking people to follow your account, tag a friend in the comments and donate to your JustGiving page. Make sure you specify it’s a UK only giveaway, or if your prize can’t be posted, make sure you make it clear that participants need to be local.

Top tip: Don’t set the donation criteria too high, or it might put people off. If you ask for a smaller donation (e.g. £2), people are more likely to enter, and they’ll probably donate more than £2 anyway!

Step 3

Decide a timeframe for the giveaway – when will the deadline for entries be?

Step 4

Make a JustGiving page – you can set one up here: https://www.justgiving.com/hospiscare

Step 5

Put the link to the JustGiving page in your bio (where your website usually is) so that it’s easy for people to donate.

Step 6

Post about the giveaway on your Instagram page, making sure you include all the rules, the closing date and the fact that it’s raising money for Hospiscare and that the link to donate is in your bio. Tag @hospiscaredevon so that we can share the post!

Step 7

Share the post on your stories to make sure as many people as possible see it. You might want to share it multiple times, and give people reminders when it’s close to closing!

Step 8

When the giveaway has ended, put all the names in a hat and draw the winner! Check they donated on your JustGiving page, and then announce the winner on your page. Make sure you tag the person so that they know they’ve won and ask them to direct message you to arrange collection/delivery of the prize.

Step 9

Send the winner their prize, and reap the benefits of all the new followers you’ve gained on Instagram!