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What to expect if you’re visiting someone on the ward

What to expect if you’re visiting someone on the ward

From visiting hours to parking, here’s everything you need to know about visiting someone on our ward.

At Hospiscare, our ethos is that every day matters. And we don’t just mean for patients. We want you to enjoy spending time with your loved one while they’re staying with us. That might mean watching a film together, playing a board-game, or reminiscing and sharing memories. You’ll find comfortable armchairs, peaceful gardens, freshly cooked food and a warm welcome. There’s always someone on hand if you need us, but we’ll also do our best to give you time alone with the person you’re visiting.

“We could not have asked for better care, kindness and compassion. From the moment we arrived everyone has been incredible – we have felt held and nurtured within a cocoon of kindness.”

Hospiscare’s open visiting policy is lead by our patients’ needs and wishes.

What are Hospiscare’s visiting times?

When arranging a visit, please note that it’s best to visit after 11am if possible, so that patients can have breakfast and a wash in privacy. Afternoon visits are best after 2.30pm, as we have a quiet period after lunch when patients can rest.

Generally, we ask visitors to leave by 9.30pm so that the ward is quieter while patients are sleeping. Please do speak to a nurse if you want to stay later.

What if the person I’m visiting wants to rest?

Your loved one may tire easily and will need rest. They may well want some time on their own. If this is the case, you’re welcome to take a break in one of our quiet spaces or gardens.

Is there free parking?

There are a limited number of free parking spaces at Searle House. They’re in the visitor car park on the right after the entrance. Once you’ve parked, please come to reception for a parking pass. If there are no available spaces, you can park in the hospital’s car park, but please note that these spaces are Pay and Display.

Can I visit the hospice if I’ve been ill?

Our patients’ well-being must take priority. We ask that you don’t visit if you’ve had an upset stomach, COVID-19 or any other infectious illness in the last 48 hours. Please ring and check with nursing staff if you’re unsure.  If you are displaying any symptoms, you cannot visit.

Can I bring children?

Children are most welcome to visit. Young children can get bored easily, so they may want to bring some books or toys. We can’t supervise children or accept responsibility for their welfare. However, we can provide you with a highchair and there’s a baby changing facility in the disabled toilet in the main corridor. You’re welcome to breastfeed anywhere in Hospiscare and if you prefer privacy we’ll find you a suitable room.

Can I stay overnight?

If you want to stay overnight in the hospice, please talk to one of our nursing team. We have a comfortable, well-equipped room for visitors to stay in that are allocated on clinical need.  You may also be able to stay next to the patient’s bed in a recliner chair if you wish.

Is there a café at Hospiscare?

You can get drinks, snacks or a light meal at the hospice for a small charge. You’re also welcome to bring in food and drink from home.

“The facilities made available to our family were incredible. What a wonderful place and service provided.”

Can I bring pets?

Family pets can bring huge comfort, so well-behaved pets are welcome. Please do talk to us before bringing a pet to the ward though, as we may need to make some arrangements.

What if I need time on my own?

Visiting a friend or relative on the ward can be an emotional experience and you may feel the need to take a moment to yourself.  There are a number of private rooms near the ward where you can have some time to yourself. You could also collect your thoughts in our non-denominational chapel. People from all faiths (and none) are welcome.

“Wonderful haven of peace and tranquility, from the stillness of the leafy gardens to the sanctuary of the chapel”

Can we go outside?

Our peaceful garden is open all year around and we can wheel beds outside for you.

Can we celebrate a birthday or other occasion?

If you wish to celebrate an occasion with a patient, such as a birthday, anniversary or religious date, please do let us know.  We’ll do our best to help and will try to make sure you can have some privacy.

Is there a limit on the number of people who can visit?

There’s only room to fit a few chairs around each bed on the ward, so if you have a large group of friends or relatives visiting, please let us know in advance. We’ll then arrange a space where you can be together. We may also need to restrict visitor numbers around a bed if there’s a risk of a patient becoming overwhelmed.

Is there someone I can talk to if I need to?

All of our staff are dedicated to caring and this is not limited to our patients. We will do everything we can to support you on the ward and ensure that you and the person that you’re visiting are cared for. If it’s your first visit, please let the receptionist know so they can arrange for someone to show you around.

If you have any questions ahead of your visit, you’re welcome to give us a ring on 01392 688000.