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Hospiscare Heroes – From cycle challenges to birthday fundraisers

Our Hospiscare Heroes have been as busy as ever, finding innovative ways to fund raise for our charity at this difficult time

Our Hospiscare Heroes are truly super; week after week, they support our charity with their fundraising endeavours across Exeter, Mid and East Devon. From all of us at Hospiscare, we are sending a huge thank you to all of our Hospiscare Heroes. Read on to find out how they have been flexing their super powers this week.

A young boy holding a push bike on Exmouth seafront

We are sending a huge thank you to Barney who is cycling 25 miles in one day to raise money for our local charity. Barney heard about Hospiscare in school and decided to take on this challenge to support us. Barney has raised an amazing £270 so far! If you would like to donate to Barney’s challenge, click here.

A man sitting at a table top stall sending wooden crafts

Thank you also to Norm Croucher who is making driftwood boxes, mirrors and other items and selling them to raise funds for Hospsicare. He has raised an incredible £249 with his latest items for sale.

A green waistcoat with chess pieces as details

We are sending our thanks to Felicity Salter who held a birthday fundraiser for Hospiscare on Facebook and raised a fantastic £497! Felicity makes bespoke waistcoats and everyone who donated to her birthday fundraiser was entered into a raffle to win a bespoke waistcoat, from ‘zany’ designs to more traditional waistcoats to choose from!

A range of pink perfumes in bottles

Finally, thank you to Dionne Butler who ran a raffle to raise money for Hospiscare through her online business, Fabulous Fragrances with Dee. Dionne’s raffle raised a fantastic £204 for our local charity.

We love hearing your stories about how your are fundraising for Hospiscare so please get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter to share your photos and fundraising tales.