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April is all about coffee for Hospiscare

Can you get creative with the humble cuppa for our local hospice charity?

Our local charity is endeavouring to harness the power of coffee and cake to raise funds for end-of-life care in the heart of Devon.

Hospiscare will hold a Coffee Month throughout April and we are encouraging our community to put the fun back into fundraising by getting creative with the humble brew.

As holding a traditional Coffee Morning may not be possible, we are embracing the idea that adversity is the mother of invention and we are inviting our community to get creative.

Anyone can take part in Coffee Month throughout April, whether it’s by filling a flask and meeting a friend for a socially distanced walk or by getting busy in the kitchen and delighting your friends with doorstep deliveries of baked goodies.

Taking part can be as simple as donating what you would usually spend on your commute coffee for the month. It could help you bring friends and family together by organising a virtual gathering and sharing your cuppa and nibbles over a video call.

If you want to think entirely out of the box, you could create crafts to sell on a coffee and cake theme – coffee fudge, cake-scented candles, hand-painted mugs… You may even want to turn your coffee into cocktails and host a masterclass for friends and family over Zoom. The pandemic may have brought new guidelines into our lives but there are no limitations on your creativity!

Signing up to Hospiscare’s Coffee Month is as quick and easy as making a brew. Simply click here to sign up and receive your free fundraising pack.

As the local hospice charity for Exeter, Mid and East Devon, we care for over 2,000 patients every year. Hospiscare relies upon the support of our community to raise 82% of the funds needed to provide this care at no cost to our patients.

Hospiscare’s Coffee Month could not take place without the sponsorship support of Western Power’s Priority Services. Sometimes power cuts can happen for reasons beyond our control. This can be particularly worrying if you rely on electricity for medical equipment or if you are elderly, very ill or disabled. This is where the Priority Services Register can help.

Ruth Adams from Western Power says, “We’re delighted to sponsor the Hospiscare Coffee Month. We hope that it will help raise vital funds for the local charity. I would encourage local people and businesses to find out more about the marvellous work they do throughout our community.”

To find out more about Western Power’s Priority Service, click here.