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Veronica’s story: Joining Men’s Walk in honour of George

Veronica and her family plan to join Men's Walk 2023 in memory of a very special man

Last spring, we shared the incredible story of George Pert, who was determined to support our SOS Appeal and take part in Men’s Walk, despite his cancer diagnosis.

As a long-term Men’s Walk supporter, George’s illness had prevented him from taking part in 2021. This made him more determined than ever to step up for Hospiscare during our emergency appeal.

George completed Men’s Walk ‘Your Way’ with his faithful four-legged Men’s Walk partner, Ruaraidh, and his wife, Veronica. George’s ambition to join his fellow supporters and “be part of the big day itself” was fulfilled when he made it to Double Locks with Ruaraidh and his son, Matthew, by his side.

Through his unwavering support of our hospice, George was named Men’s Walk’s top fundraiser for 2022, with his sponsorship exceeding £3,600!

A young man holding a big cheque with a couple and a dog outside

Hospiscare Senior Events Fundraiser, Martin Stokke, accepting a cheque for £3,720 from George, Veronica and Ruaraidh Pert

George’s wife, Veronica, explains “George was so courageous. He faced the prospect of dying in such a head-on way. On the morning that he died, we were still laughing and joking like always. That’s what I miss most about him, he always filled our house with laughter.

“The hospice were really brilliant when he was ill – they gave us so much support. He had a bed here at home and when he was transferred to the ward, the biggest thing he was worried about was whether Ruaraidh could visit! Ruaraidh is quite a bouncy dog and I was worried about him jumping all over the place on the ward, but I couldn’t believe it – he was like a different dog. It was like he knew what was going on and he was as calm as anything.

“When the hospice called to tell us it was time, we took Ruaraidh because that’s what George wanted. It was like he knew. He went straight up to George and put his head on him and laid down.”

A woman and man sitting on a couch

George and his wife, Veronica

This year, Veronica hopes to take part in Men’s Walk on Saturday 18 March with her sons and Ruaraidh in memory of George. The Tally Ho, the couple’s favourite local pub, is also putting together a team to honour George. Veronica explains, “When George first took part, he was really fit and healthy and of course we never thought that he would need Hospiscare’s services. When he became ill, I didn’t want him to push himself but he was so determined to take part. He knew he’d be able to raise a lot of money for Hospiscare.

“It’s important for us to do this for George. He loved the camaraderie of Men’s Walk and thought Hospiscare was such a worthy cause to support.”

Men’s Walk is a vital form of income for our local charity. Join us for 2023 and raise funds to support patients like George.