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‘Team Hospiscare’ take on Marathon in a Month

A seven-strong team of our hospice staff have seen first-hand the impact of COVID-19 and step up to the fundraising challenge

‘Team Hospiscare’, who all work for our local charity, will be completing a Marathon in a Month as part of our charity’s new virtual challenge event.

Since the national lockdown in March, Hospiscare’s fundraising efforts have been drastically impacted due to the closure of our charity shops and cancellation of events. We face a loss of over £1 million this financial year.

The seven members of ‘Team Hospiscare’ have seen first-hand the impact COVID-19 has had on our charity and this motivated them to sign up to the challenge.

Helen Ashton, Complementary Therapist, says: “I signed up to Hospiscare’s Marathon in a Month because I wanted to do something to support our charity in a way that is really achievable for someone like myself. I am in my fifties and used to run regularly but with family and work commitments, the habit got dropped.

“COVID-19 has changed the way I work and I am now part of a team providing support to patients and their families and carers over the phone. Modifications and adaptations like this have been made to our service in order to continue supporting these families and this all costs money at a time where our fundraising events have been curtailed.”

A woman wearing a Hospiscare t-shirt

Helen Ashton, Complementary Therapist at Hospiscare

Sarah Smith, Head of Public Fundraising, continues: “The financial impact of the pandemic has been huge and it is such a worrying time. That is why I am taking part in Marathon in a Month. I want to feel I am doing what I can to ensure Hospiscare is here now and in the future.”

Wayne Gale, Director of Estates and Facilities, suffered a family bereavement during the pandemic and explains: “I signed up to Marathon in a Month as a personal memorial to my nephew who would have really enjoyed the event.

“I am supporting Hospiscare as I have seen first-hand the impact that COVID-19 has had on the charity’s income and I thought this would be a good opportunity to raise money.”

A man wearing a Hospiscare t-shirt

Wayne Gale, Director of Estates and Facilities at Hospiscare

Although ‘Team Hospiscare’ will have to participate together virtually due to the rule of six, both Helen and Wayne have enlisted family members from their own bubbles to join them. Wayne says: “I will be running approximately 6-7 miles per week in October with my daughter. We have been training by running twice a week, much to her annoyance!”

Helen and Sarah will be participating with their four-legged companions as Marathon in a Month welcomes both human and canine participants. Helen is confident that her dog Toby is ready for the challenge, saying “he loves running more than sniffing!” Sarah’s 3-year-old greyhound, Hartley, may need a little more motivation as he prefers sleeping to running but Sarah is hopeful that starting out with a mile a day will ease both Hartley and her into the marathon challenge.

A woman wearing a Hospiscare vest and a black and white dog

Sarah Smith, Head of Public Fundraising with her ‘real world’ team mate, Hartley

There is still time to sign up for Marathon in a Month and support your local hospice charity. The event is open to everyone; all ages and abilities; two legs or four! It costs just £10 to sign up or £5 for children and dogs and the charity is asking its participants to raise £60 in sponsorship. Sign up here.

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