Hospiscare Heroes - From Teddy Bears to Virtual Quizzes


Here at Hospiscare, we are extremely grateful to all of our supporters and we love to see the innovative ways that our Hospiscare Heroes find to fundraise for us! Read on for the latest updates on how our Hospiscare Heroes have been supporting our charity across Exeter, Mid and East Devon.


Radio Exe presenter Jamie dressed as Princess Jasmine


A huge thank you to Jamie, Paul, Ashley, Katie and the team at Radio Exe for hosting The Big Quiz Series. We love how each host really got into the spirit of each quiz theme (as you can see from the picture above where Jamie dressed as Princess Jasmine for the Disney Quiz) and how sportingly they took on dares and challenges to boost the fundraising total for our local charity.

Their efforts and the support of the community taking part in the Facebook live quizzes resulted in a fantastic fundraising total of £2725! Thank you.


A knitted Hospiscare teddy


We absolutely love this gorgeous knitted Hospiscare teddy, complete with protective mask! He was knitted for Lorraine Dolley, one of our amazing Community Nurse Specialists, by her mum. He really brought a smile to the team's faces when Lorraine brought him in to work.


A table of plants outside Hospiscare


We are sending our thanks to Ottery resident Anna Feeney who donated a variety of plants to Hospiscare, including rhubarb, tomato, cucumber and runner beans.

We love seeing all that you do for Hospiscare, so if you are planning any fundraising, please send us a direct message us on Facebook or email so that we can celebrate your efforts. We couldn't do what we do without you.