22 years and counting: Volunteer Lilian shares her story

Shop Manager Anna with Volunteer Lilian in the Axminster Hospiscare Shop


Lilian, 80 years old from Axminster, volunteers as treasurer of her local support group, helps fundraise in the local community, and has volunteered in the Axminster Hospiscare shop for over 22 years.

Shop manager, Anna says “Lilian is very modest. She does so much to help in the shop but acts like it’s nothing. She often looks after the whole shop when we are short staffed and even pops in when she is out doing her shopping to check if we need any help. To me she is completely irreplaceable.”

 “I volunteer my time in the shop 2 days a week and usually a little bit extra in between,” says Lilian. “I work on the till, help out in the workroom, put up window displays; whatever is needed really.”

Lilian says, “It’s wonderful to be able to help other people. The other volunteers and customers are great company. It’s nice to be part of the community.”

 “I’d be lost without my wonderful volunteers,” says manager Anna. “I don’t think Lilian realises just how much of a difference she makes here in the shop.”

Volunteer Lilian helps out in Hospiscare's Axminster Shop


Like all Hospiscare shops, the Axminster charity shop relies heavily on their team of volunteers. Volunteers help with all sorts of tasks in the shop from serving customers at the till to processing stock in the workroom. This enables the shop to raise more money for the charity.

However, during her time volunteering in the shop, Lilian has noticed a change.

“I think it’s a lot harder for people to find time to volunteer these days,” Lilian explains. “Many people have family commitments such as caring for grandchildren, but if you can find a few hours during the week, call Anna. She’d love your help too.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about shop volunteer opportunities at the Hospiscare Axminster Shop, please call Anna on 01297 35926 or email

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