Please take part in our survey!

Data Regulations are changing next year but we need your help now to prepare! 

Please take part in our short online survey it will only take six minutes, at the most. It’s just to ask your opinion about how we communicate with our supporters, and what you expect to hear about our work and our fundraising.  

Click here to complete our survey  

We are also setting up a Data Regulations research group - willing participants who are happy to share their opinions through occasional online surveys, phone interviews, or by attending focus groups.

If you would like to be involved and help Hospiscare get it right, please email, or call 01392 688020. And if you know someone who doesn’t support Hospiscare yet, get them involved too – everyone’s opinion counts!  

Thank you very much for your help. These are big changes for Hospiscare and we want to get it right for you.