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Meet Kane, eBay Officer in the Ecommerce Team

Kane Millington-Smith shares how rewarding it is to be an eBay Officer for Hospiscare's Ecommerce team.

The Ecommerce Team based at the Exeter Warehouse in Marsh Barton research, photograph, list, sell and dispatch all sorts of interesting items on eBay and Amazon to raise money for Hospiscare.

Kane Millington-Smith has been working as an eBay Officer in the Ecommerce Team for the past year.

“Working for Hospiscare is incredibly rewarding. It’s very satisfying to be working with a team of people toward the same goal to raise as much money as we can for the charity.

“The ecommerce department is constantly changing with new items coming in every day. There’s always something new to look forward to!”

Like the rest of the retail team, the ecommerce department rely on volunteers who support Hospiscare by donating their time. As the department continues to grow, the team need more volunteers to help raise as much money as possible for Hospiscare patients. Kane explains,

“The volunteers we have are so important and add a huge amount of insight and knowledge to our team. We benefit greatly from people bringing their talents, knowledge and expertise.”

There’s also a host of exciting and challenging opportunities available for volunteers to learn a wide range of skills. The ecommerce department are sent a diverse range of antiques, books, art, militaria, fashion and vintage finds from the Hospiscare shops and House Clearance teams. A typical day volunteering could involve picking and packaging items that have been sold; selecting and researching new items to list; styling and photographing items; helping with social media; sorting donations; stock taking and helping in the warehouse.

“The ecommerce team are a lovely laid back bunch. We’ve usually got a steady supply of biscuits, tea and coffee available. We have a fantastic team of dedicated staff and volunteers who are warm, friendly and fun. Our volunteers make a massive difference and help Hospiscare to raise much needed funds for patient care. But it’s also really enjoyable and fulfilling. And it can help you learn new skills at the same time.

“To anyone thinking about volunteering, I’d say come and give it a go! You can do as much or as little as you like and the ecommerce department is perfect for anyone with specific skills and interests or simply a desire to try something new.”

If you are interested in giving volunteering a try, click here or call 01392 428824 to find out more.

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