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Why has my loved one stopped eating?

Why has my loved one stopped eating?

When someone you love stops eating when they are ill, it can be difficult to deal with. Hospiscare Doctor Alison Stewart explains:

“It is extremely common for people to lose their appetite when they are ill and sometimes a person’s palate can completely change, certain tastes and textures become appealing whilst unlikely food combinations may become desirable.

“It can be upsetting to see those we care for turn away from food and lose weight. Food is central to our sense of survival and tightly bound in feelings of love and caring for each other. When people are struggling to eat, it can cause concern and distress in families along with feelings of guilt in the person who can’t face eating.

“Eating little and often of whatever you fancy takes away some of the pressure; the pleasure in jelly and ice-cream as a meal is more important than trying to polish off an overwhelming roast dinner. Being together at mealtimes or just sharing a favourite drink can bring more comfort than food itself.”

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