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Hospiscare Heroes – From 1,000km runs to virtual climbs on Mars

Our Hospiscare Heroes have been as busy as ever, finding innovative ways to fund raise for our charity at this difficult time

Our Hospiscare Heroes are truly super; week after week, they support our charity with their fundraising endeavours across Exeter, Mid and East Devon. From all of us at Hospiscare, we are sending a huge thank you to all of our Hospiscare Heroes. Read on to find out how they have been flexing their super powers this week.

Six images of Hospiscare fundraisers

We are sending a huge thank you to Team Pheidippides, six runners who, as a team, took on a 1,000km running challenge in January in memory of Evelyn Tratt, mother of their dear friend Liz Karfoot. Evelyn was cared for by our charity and together (virtually, of course, abiding by lockdown rules), Team Pheidippides completed their amazing challenge and have so far raised a phenomenal £2,826!

Thank you James, Chris R, Gila, Chris P, Eva and Rishad. If you would like to donate to Team Pheidippides, please click here.

A boy wearing a Hospiscare t-shirt and holding two balloons

Thank you also to one of our amazing young supporters, Jack. 10 year-old is climbing Olympus Mons on Mars (virtually, of course) to raise funds for our local charity. Jack is using the stairs in his house to reach his 25,000m summit – the tallest mountain in the solar system. Jack’s climb is going strong and he has reached £1,000 in his fundraising with more climbing still to do!

If you would like to donate to Jack’s climb and support Hospiscare, click here.

Christmas lights on a house at night time

We are sending a huge thank you to Muriel and Alex Foyle for creating a lovely Christmas lights display at their home. Muriel and Alex raised an amazing £892.28 for our local charity.

Thank you also to Dell Boomi who are supporting us in a number of ways. We are very grateful for their support.

Finally, thank you to TQScrubs for continuing to donate scrubs to our doctors and nurses.

We love hearing your stories about how your are fundraising for Hospiscare so please get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter to share your photos and fundraising tales.