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Update on our 2022 bed appeal

We're pleased to share an update on the success of our urgent appeal launched last year

In 2022, we launched an urgent appeal to replace our specialist beds and mattresses for our patients. These beds offer many benefits, such as being fully motorised, mobile and extendable and have an alarm function to alert the nursing staff when a patient is about to get out of bed, ensuring that our patients receive the best comfort and safety during their stay on our ward.

We are delighted to share that thanks to the generosity of our incredible supporters, the appeal raised an incredible £144,876 allowing us to order an amazing eight new high/low beds that make a tremendous difference to our patients.

A retired engineer who was involved in the very first prototype of an adjustable hospital bed over 30 years ago paid a visit to our ward at Searle House to see how the new beds work, after making a generous donation towards the appeal.

We are so grateful to everyone who donated to this appeal – thank you so much!