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The Dillons’ challenge update: Two months on the trail

The Dillon family are two months into their incredible cycling adventure in memory of Carol

Today marks two months since Barry and his twin sons, Ricky and Gavin, embarked on their incredible adventure to raise funds for Hospiscare in memory of Carol.

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On 1 July 2022, the Dillons set off from Banff in Canada to take on the longest off-road cycle route in the world: The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

With a trail of almost 2,700 miles ahead of them, their journey of almost 90% off-road riding will take them to altitudes of over 3,600m in order to reach their final destination of Antelope Wells on the US/Mexican border.

After two months on the trail, Barry, Ricky and Gavin have cycled over 1,000 miles and raised almost £7,000 for Hospiscare! Our team is keeping in regular contact with the Dillon family and you can catch up on the first month of their adventure here. Below are a few highlights from their second month on the trail.

After some much-needed R and R in Elkhorn Springs, Montana, the Dillons continue on their journey, stopping at Bannack, a ghost town in Beaverhead County, Montana. This was the site of Montana’s first major gold discovery on July 28, 1962.

After spending a night in a saloon bar in the nearby town of Grant, the trio muster the energy to continue and face “a mixed bag” of weather – from blistering heat to thunderstorms and rain.

After “riding out the storm” in their tents, Barry, Ricky and Gavin are on the road again, headed for Idaho.

On reaching Idaho, the Dillons enjoy some downtime, including a few games of tennis and Barry’s first taste of a Twinkie!

Following their rest days, the twins and their dad faced some gruellingly steep climbs which fortunately were rewarded by stunning views.

With the weather taking a turn for the worst, the Dillons stopped overnight at Squirrel Creek Ranch, Idaho to take shelter before setting off for a wet morning’s ride crossing the border into Wyoming.

Despite warnings of a grizzly bear half an hour’s ride away, the Dillons continue safely on their journey with no furry encounters.

Wyoming continues to treat the adventurers to stunning views and landscapes and of course, plenty more hills to climb!

After hours or riding in the rain and hail, the trio happen across a cabin to take shelter for the night, with the added bonus of some company for the night from fellow travellers.

Next stop for the Dillons is the Wyoming Basin, which promises plenty of wildlife and views to take in.

Halfway through their ride through the Basin, Ricky shares the following message of thanks: “We just want to thank you to everyone for all of their donations to Hospiscare. It’s really humbling. It’s really nice to have you all behind us and we really appreciate all of your support.

“For anyone who wants to donate, you can go to this link.”

Gavin continues, “We really are humbled by everyone’s words of encouragement and donations. It really does help having everyone behind us. We’re continuously humbled by everyone’s encouragement and enthusiasm.”

The trio are keeping “forever forwards”, aiming to cross the border into Colorado within the next couple of days.

Following a punishing 59-mile day of riding, the Dillons have a shorter day’s ride ahead of them in order to reach Colorado by nightfall.

Barry, Ricky and Gavin reach the famous Brush Mountain Ranch for a much-anticipated rest day.

At the end of their second month, the Dillons have cycled over 1,000 miles and raised over 30% of their fundraising target of £20,000. Click on the map above to view their journey so far.

Continue following the Dillons’ progress and stay up-to-date with their incredible journey via Hospiscare’s Facebook and Instagram, or via the Dillons’ YouTube Channel.

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