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Rising Costs Appeal

Rising Costs Appeal

Hospiscare needs YOUR help to fund care and support our services as we fight for better financial support this winter.

This winter, we need YOUR help to support our services as we fight for better financial support.

Since 1982, Hospiscare has been at the forefront of specialist palliative care within our community; over the years, a source of comfort for hundreds of people coping with a terminal illness. However, in the past few years, with the onset of COVID-19 and then the cost-of-living crisis, we have faced financial pressures like never before.

It costs over £29,500 to run Hospiscare each day with operational costs rising by 13% this year alone. We receive only 18% of our funding from the Integrated Care Board (ICB), the local organisation that allocates government healthcare funding. This is well below the national average of 37% that other hospices receive.

We are seeing increasing numbers needing our help as our share of the 50,000 people who missed out on care during COVID-19, are now needing urgent attention. We are also seeing increases in the number of younger people needing our care, people like Emma, whose husband Nick shares their story below.

As a result, we are currently campaigning for an additional £1.4 million from the ICB to enable us to continue running our specialist end-of-life services at the current level.

Will YOU help us bridge the gap whilst we negotiate with the ICB and continue to provide compassionate end-of-life care?

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  • £223.56

    could cover the cost of a specialist nursing shift

  • £106.81

    could provide an hour-long visit in someone's home

  • £37.44

    could pay for an hour of specialist bereavement support

Emma, Nick and Harry family photo.

Emma’s Story

Nick explains: “Hospiscare helped me and my family last year when my wife, Emma, died as a result of developing pancreatic cancer which had spread to other parts of her body.

Emma was one of the younger patients that Hospiscare has treated. She was only 38 when she died, leaving behind me and our son Harry, who was only 4 years old and had barely started school. I was lucky that we had met at university, so we had 20 wonderful years together. But Emma’s life was still cut short far too soon, with so much still to live for.

People ask me what difference did it make for Emma to be cared for at Hospiscare? I cannot tell you what an amazing difference it made.

The hospice is peaceful, the staff make time to really talk with all the family. They are prepared to answer any number of questions with patience and kindness. It is just a completely different experience to being in a hospital.

If you feel you could make a donation, any donation, to help this wonderful, caring, charity, please, please do so. Their care is outstanding, and I feel very lucky that this was Emma’s experience during her final days of life.”

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