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Our blooming lovely Open Gardeners share their support for Hospiscare

Friends and neighbours Judy Mead, Sue Glanville and Minna Egan have collaborated for over ten years to open their gardens and raise vital funds for Hospiscare.

Over the past decade, the trio have worked together with a wider group of dedicated supporters to open their gardens on Matford Road in Exeter. Judy, organiser of the Matford gardens, explains, “It’s a long-term endeavour to open our  gardens. We garden all year round, but especially leading up to our opening dates to ensure our gardens are as good as they can be on the day.”

Minna continues, “I made over 200 scones for our gardens last year! I also organised a jazz band for entertainment. It was hugely popular and really encouraged people to linger in the gardens, which of course helps raise more money for Hospiscare!”

The Matford Gardens are able to offer a unique experience by opening together in support of Hospiscare. Judy explains, “It’s a great way to spend the afternoon wandering around all of our gardens, and with tea and baked goods thrown in, it really is the icing on the cake! People really enjoy the variety that we have to offer and love to chat about their own gardens and experiences.”

Sue continues, “We have lots of keen gardeners visit to get tips and tricks for their own gardens or to share their advice with us. Last year, I had a mystery plant in my garden – I couldn’t figure out what it was! We ended up with several people gathered around trying to solve the mystery – we got there in the end!”

With our specialist ward just a ten minute walk away, the Matford gardeners feel a close connection with Hospiscare. Judy continues, “Hospiscare is a favourite charity round here as we’re so near to the hospice. I was supported by Hospiscare when my husband was dying and so many of us in the neighbourhood have been affected by terminal illness.”

Minna continues, “It really is a win-win to open our gardens for Hospiscare; we enjoy it hugely and it benefits an important local cause.”

For anyone considering opening their garden for Hospiscare, Judy advises “Your garden doesn’t need to be perfect; it’s about sharing the experience.”

Minna continues, “Make sure you have enough volunteers or friends and family on board to help so you can host and enjoy the day.”

Sue concludes, “It’s a great way to bring people together and meet those in your area. It fosters a sense of community, especially as we’re all working together to support the same worthy cause.”

To find out more about opening your garden to support local end-of-life care, or to visit a Hospiscare Open Garden near you, go to