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Meet Patch, Hospiscare’s first paramedic

Patrick 'Patch' Scrivens explains his role and the difference it makes to our hospice charity

With over 26 years of experience with the ambulance service, Patrick ‘Patch’ Scrivens undertook a six month paramedic secondment with Hospiscare in September 2021. Here he explains what is involved in his role and why he chose to join the Hospiscare team.

“My career began working within the non-emergency department of the Ambulance Service.  Over the years I progressed through the Emergency care pathway as a Paramedic and further into operational support and management. I am now with the Specialist Paramedic team, adding to my skill level with additional training in enhanced patient assessment and clinical management skills.

“End-of-life care has always been an area of professional interest for me but I had limited opportunity within the Ambulance Service to explore this.

“The opportunity for the secondment with Hospiscare arose at the right time for me. I began with an induction to Hospiscare in all of the various clinical settings. This included the hospice’s ward and community work, which involves visiting patients at home, discussing care plans and reviewing pain and symptom management with support from GPs and other health care professionals when necessary.

“As a paramedic, my role is always dynamic – each and every visit will be different. I deal with emergencies regularly and these experiences have helped me through my secondment and I can see everything with a different perspective. Even though my patients are at the end of life, I can follow their journey, helping to resolve pain and symptom issues. I am also able to help their loved ones and carers with support and advice.

“I’ve been with a patient and family when the patient has sadly died and because I have experienced this in my career, I felt I could bring calmness and empathy and perhaps a little dignity to what is a very sad and difficult time.

“My time with Hospiscare has been a wonderful experience. Before embarking on the secondment, I wasn’t aware of just how supportive Hospiscare is – not just to the patients and their families, but supportive to its staff too.

“Hospiscare truly wants the best out of each and every member of its team and I have been fortunate to be part of such an amazing  service.  It has been  made very clear by patients and relatives that Hospiscare is very much appreciated.

“I hope to provide feedback to the Ambulance Service to enhance their understanding of palliative and end-of-life care. I feel I have gained valuable experience during my secondment and I hope that Hospiscare has gained from my experience as well.”

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