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Meet Emily, Hospiscare’s first Marketing & Communications Apprentice

Emily joined the Hospiscare team at just nineteen as our first Marketing and Communications Apprentice

A young woman in an office smiling at the camera

Emily Hart joined our Marketing and Communications team in September 2021 as the department’s first apprentice. Emily graduates in March 2023 and here she explains what is involved in her role and why she chose to join the Hospiscare team.

“I knew I wanted to do a marketing apprenticeship and when I saw this position advertised on the government website, it just seemed perfect. I wanted to work for a charity and be able to help in some way rather than undertake an apprenticeship with a company or business.

“For my application, I had to do an assessment followed by a writing task, as well as send through examples of my college work. I was so nervous for my interview but after meeting the team, I felt so much more comfortable. Everyone was so nice and it was a very different experience to other interviews I’d had!

“My role here at Hospiscare has been so varied. I was thrown straight into the role, but definitely in a good way! I’ve been involved with planning and managing the hospice’s social media accounts as well as taking photos and filming at our events and for patient and family interviews. There are so many creative elements involved, from editing films and photos to creating posters and graphics. I mainly enjoy these design elements, as well as the video editing, although it can be daunting at times.

“There have been some real highlights in working for Hospiscare and one of these was putting together our 40th anniversary film in 2022. I filmed all of the interviews and I loved hearing everyone’s stories about the early days of Hospiscare and how the charity has grown. I edited all of the footage and produced the final film and even though it was hard work, I was really proud to be a part of it.

“I really didn’t know what to expect coming into this role. I hadn’t worked in an office environment before, let alone for a hospice! It’s such a caring place and I know that I’m helping a bigger cause, which is really important to me.

“Doing this apprenticeship with Hospiscare has made me realise that I want to continue doing something to help people and make a difference.”

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