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Louise’s story: Making my Will with Hospiscare

Louise explains her decision to make her Will with one of Hospiscare's supporting solicitors

Like many of us, writing a Will was something Louise Beeken hadn’t given much thought to. It wasn’t until Louise and her husband went through one of the most significant life events that they considered the importance of making a Will:

“It wasn’t until I had my children that I finally made the move to get my Will written. I always knew that I needed to get my affairs in order, but I didn’t see the urgency when it was just me and my husband.

“Then, when we had our two girls, life got busy! There just didn’t seem to be the time to fit another appointment into our hectic diary.

“All of that changed with a casual conversation with a colleague, where I learned that if my husband and I didn’t have a Will and we both died, then it would be left to the courts to decide what would happen to our children if our families couldn’t agree.

“That was the ‘kick’ that we both needed and so we visited one of Hospiscare’s supporting solicitors to get the paperwork done. It was really easy to do, and the solicitor talked through everything so thoroughly that we felt really content knowing that all areas of our life and our children’s futures were secure should anything happen.”

Choosing to write your Will with a Hospiscare supporting solicitor is of huge benefit to our local charity. Our participating solicitors waive their fee in exchange for a donation to Hospiscare.

We receive just 18% of our funding from the NHS and therefore rely upon the support of our community to raise the £8 million needed to care for local people and their families facing a terminal illness. By choosing a Hospiscare supporting solicitor, your donation will help us remain by the side of our community for the years to come.

For a full list of Hospiscare supporting solicitors, please visit our Wills home page where you can also find out more about the impact of leaving a gift to our charity in your Will, or call 01392 688020.