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Liz’s story – Volunteering gave my confidence back

After losing both of her parents to cancer, Liz Crosfield moved to Seaton and felt ready to give something back to the community.

Liz Crosfield, 56, started volunteering in January 2019. Originally from London, Liz moved to Seaton in January to be closer to family after her parents died.

Both her mother and father died within a short space of time; her father had been unwell and her mother had struggled with melanomas but it still came as a shock.

It was an extremely traumatic time for Liz and she found it very difficult. She completely withdrew into herself; she didn’t want to leave the house or see anyone and was prescribed anti-depressants.

After moving to Seaton, Liz felt she was ready to get out and do something. She wanted to contribute to the community and give something back, but she also wanted to do something positive for herself.

“I went for a walk through Seaton and saw the Hospiscare shop. My parents didn’t get into their local hospice but we really wish they had. It’s a cause very close to my heart.

“I went into the shop and spoke to Barbara, the sales advisor. I asked if they needed any volunteers and Barbara responded with a very enthusiastic ‘YES PLEASE!’ A few days later I got a call from Louisa, the manager, who invited me in for a trial.

“I absolutely loved it from the start! All the other volunteers are amazing! Everyone is so supportive and it has given me a lot more confidence. Volunteering at the shop has led to me doing other things for Hospiscare as well. I walked 5 miles at the Twilight Walk with one of the other volunteers from the shop and raised over £220 for Hospiscare.

“I have donated some of Mum’s craft supplies to other volunteers who make items to raise money for charity. It’s so nice to know that these are being used to create something else and raise money for charity.

“Volunteering has given me a huge amount of confidence. Even though I haven’t been living in Seaton very long, I really feel like part of the community. People will say hello to me on the street because they recognise me from the shop. I also find it really rewarding being able to help customers who have recently experienced a bereavement. I am able to listen to them and empathise with what they are going through.”

Volunteer Liz at the till in a Hospiscare charity shop

Liz does everything she can to help in the shop; from sorting donations and steaming clothes to talking to customers and creating window displays.

“It’s nice to feel like I’m trusted to help with the window displays and work on the till.

“Volunteering has completely changed my life and outlook. I’m in a much better place because of it. I’m completely unrecognisable from where I was just a year ago.

“To anyone that wants to try volunteering I’d say just give it a go! When I started, I had no idea what to expect. I was made to feel so welcome. I’ve got so much more out of volunteering than I thought I would. You never know the change it could make in your life, so just come and give it a try!”

To find out more about volunteering for Hospiscare, email or call Vicky or Bob on 01392 688005.