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Introducing the Charity Shop Gift Card

Shopping in our charity shops just got better...

Shopping in our charity shops just got better as we have joined a gift card initiative in conjunction with the Charity Retail Association.

The Charity Shop Gift Card can be purchased from any of our shops, from most major supermarkets and online. Shoppers can choose from a gift card made from recycled board that is fully compostable, or an e-card for even less environmental impact.

The single-use card can be loaded with any chosen amount from £20 to spend, or give as a gift to pay for items in any of our seventeen shops, as well as many other participating charity stores locally and nationally.

Our charity shops are part of the growing second-hand revolution, led by environmentally aware consumers who want to help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill whilst supporting end-of-life care in the community.

A man holding gift cards in a Hospiscare charity shop

Helen Hutter, Head of Retail for Hospiscare, commented: “We are excited to announce the introduction of the Charity Shop Gift Card into our shops across Exeter, Mid and East Devon. We hope that it will encourage more people in our community to visit our shops and be part of a greener way of shopping, as well as supporting our vital end-of-life care service.”

Lee Fellows, Managing Director of The Charity Shop Gift Card, said: “The gift card market is huge and growing, and central to our aim is to come up with a nationally-accepted, multi-retailer scheme that allows charity shops to tap into that for the first time.”

For a full list of our shop locations and opening hours, as well as links to our online shops, click here.