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Hunter Urology tell us why they are supporting our 12 Days of Care

Local businesses are making the difference of a lifetime to our patients and their families this Christmas

This winter, we put out a call for local businesses to sponsor the vital care that we provide over the festive season. We asked our business community to consider taking part in our 12 Days of Care by sponsoring a 12 or 24 hour period of care in the lead-up to Christmas. 22 amazing local businesses signed up to make the difference of a lifetime to local families facing terminal illness.

Here, Hunter Urology tell us why they answered the call to take part in our 12 Days of Care.


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Who are we?

We are Hunter Urology, a urology company based in east Devon (our office is right next to Exeter Airport). We focus on continence care and ISC: Intermittent Self-Catheterisation.

For a number of reasons, people may need to self-catheterise. Problems with the bladder can affect many people including people who are suffering cancer or MS, those who have damage to their nervous system or a spinal cord injury, and those with many other conditions.  Many people don’t realise that continence issues are more common than hay fever!

What do we do?

We have been creating and manufacturing catheters since 2001 – nearly 20 years. Every year we try to create innovative designs. For example: our first catheter had a unique flexible tip, we’ve created a biodegradable catheter and are on our way to launch a water soluble one too. We’ve always cared about the environment and have been working with our manufacturer in St. Austell to produce more sustainable healthcare products.

We’re always having a laugh in the office and love to meet and talk to our patients. Healthcare is daunting but we want to help people see that they do have choice when it comes to their healthcare – it’s important to find what’s right for you!

Who is part of the team?

Our team is made up of five people: Jenny is in charge of processing and sending out orders to the UK; Stacey manages all our overseas exports; Debbie is our office manager, responding to queries from patients and clinicians; and Rachel is the social media and marketing manager all the way up in Glasgow! Oh and there’s also Gary, the boss and founder!

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Why are we supporting Hospiscare?

Hunter Urology have always admired the amazing work that Hospiscare do for their patients and the incredible work they do on a daily basis. The support they provide for people in their time of need in and out of hospice is amazing and many of the Hunter Urology team have personal connections to their services.

We’re so proud to be supporting Hospiscare and excited to take part in their 12 Days of Care. Support in any form, whether its medical aid, therapy financial advice, a walk in the park, or a friendly ear and a big bear hug, makes a massive difference to people’s lives.

Five facts about us:

  1. We have a security dog called Max! He’s 10 years old and working part-time to ease the retirement boredom
  2. Both Debbie and Gary are keen divers! They have both dived all over the world
  3. Rachel went sober for October and raised £400. She hasn’t managed to keep up her sobriety though
  4. Jenny has a campervan and loves travelling around Cornwall
  5. Stacey has a lovely son called Hunter – maybe he can become Gary’s apprentice and take over the company!

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