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How to pre-sort your donations

We try to divert as much waste from landfill as possible through recycling, reuse and up-cycling but we do receive a lot of items we can't sell that cost Hospiscare money to dispose of. You can help us reduce our costs by pre-sorting your donations.

We’re so grateful for all the generous donations we receive and try to make the best possible value from every item donated. We try to divert as much waste as possible from landfill through recycling, reuse and up-cycling. However, the income we usually generate by working with recycling companies for items we can’t sell in our shops is a lot more uncertain in these unprecedented times.

Donating broken, damaged or poor quality items we are unable to sell can actually cost Hospiscare money, reducing much-needed funds for patient care.

You can help us reduce these costs by pre-sorting your donations and taking any items that can’t be sold to your local recycling centre instead of bringing them to Hospiscare.

Pre-sorting your donations doesn’t have to be time consuming. Before creating your ‘donate’ pile, run through this quick checklist to see if it is something we’re able to sell.

  • Check it’s clean
  • Check it’s not damaged
  • Check it’s in good condition
  • Ask yourself, ‘would I buy this item?’

If your item is clean, undamaged, in good condition and something that someone else would love, then pop it in a bag or box and drop it off at your local Hospiscare shop.

If the item is stained, soiled or dirty, damaged or in poor condition and unlikely that someone else would want to use or buy then you can help save Hospiscare money by taking it to your local recycling centre instead.

For more information about items we are unable to accept as donations click here.

Don’t forget to Gift Aid it!

If you’re a UK taxpayer, we can claim the tax back on your donation. It’s worth an extra 25 pence for every £1 you donate. That means that every £20 you give us is actually worth £25. But only if you take two minutes to fill in our Gift Aid form.

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