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How to get involved with Sustainable September

This September, it’s time to think second-hand to create a sustainable shopping experience that will be great for your wallet too!

Hospiscare is supporting Sustainable Fashion Week, which takes place from 16-25 September 2022. Through the four themes of the week – re-wear, re-purpose, re-generate and re-connect – the campaign aims to raise awareness of sustainable fashion choices.

As part of supporting Sustainable Fashion Week, all of our Hospiscare shops will have a week-long window display with a theme of ‘re-wear and re-purpose’ to reflect sustainable fashion. This will also form a competition for best window display. Everyone can take part in the judging and choose their favourite window display by voting via Hospiscare’s Facebook page.

The word ‘sustainable’ is used, and often misused, frequently. In the context of this campaign, it means reducing what we ‘buy new’ as much as possible, whether through repairing our existing clothing, choosing organic, regenerative or recycled fibres (if buying new) or buying pre-loved clothing.

Through our 17 shops, we are part of the UK charity shop movement that diverts 339,000 tonnes of textiles away from landfill or incineration, and instead encourages re-use at the heart of communities through our high streets.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Shopping for pre-loved items in our Hospiscare shops will reduce your carbon footprint, as well as significantly reducing your spending.

Make a change to your wardrobe, and to the planet, by choosing pre-loved clothes from our charity shops. For a full list of our shop locations, please click here. You can also browse from the comfort of your own home by visiting our Hospiscare eBay store or our brand new Hospiscare Online Shop.

Share your Sustainable September purchases with us throughout the month by tagging Hospiscare on social media and using the hashtag #SFW2022.