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Hospiscare’s medical training programme wins praise

As part of our aim to be experts in the field of end-of-life care, we were thrilled to be recognised for our medical training programmes

As specialists in end-of-life care, a vital part of our mission is passing on our expertise to the next generation of doctors and nurses.

As well as the vast range of training opportunities available to staff and volunteers across all areas of our charity, Hospiscare also provides placements to medical students, nurses, specialty registrars, GP trainees and internal medical trainees.

In 2022, one speciality registrar, three GP trainees and three internal medical trainees undertook placements at Hospiscare.

In our first year of training GP registrars, Hospiscare was delighted to receive an ‘Excellent’ grading from the GP Quality Panel. The panel, which assesses the quality of training provision and incorporates feedback from the trainees, identified areas it felt ought to be highlighted as good practice to other training providers.

Our specialty registrar training was also graded as ‘Excellent’ by the Peninsula Deanery Specialty Registrar Quality Panel and noted for our supportive training environment, the effective feedback given to our trainees and a strong focus on trainee wellbeing.

Specialist registrars spend a year in training at Hospiscare before moving onto their next placement in the South West and, as the name suggests, their training is dedicated to the specialism of palliative care.

A female doctor in green scrubs and a blue fleece in a garden

Specialist Registrar-in-training, Emily Russell

Specialist Registrar-in-training, Emily Russell, completed her one year placement at Hospiscare in July and says: “The training at Hospiscare is very varied. I gained experience in the community by going on home visits, mostly with the Exeter Community Nursing Team. I worked alongside the nurses to review patients’ medication and supported them to be cared for at home, if that is what they wished. I also gained a lot of experience by working on the hospice ward at Searle House.

“Hospiscare is a wonderful place to work. I love the space here and the garden really gives our patients and their families a sense of peace.

“It’s often a relief for patients when they are referred to Hospiscare. No matter what has happened in their journey before coming to us, the hospice offers a sense of calm and the reassurance that they and their family will be completely supported, whether on the ward or at home. There is a real sense of continuity here for our patients and I think that seeing familiar faces every day is such a comfort.

“Everyone at Hospiscare has a proactive way of wanting to be better – to do more and learn more. The people here want to take every opportunity to learn and improve. You don’t find that very often.

“People think that hospices are a sad place to work and that specialising in palliative medicine is the same, but I think it’s uplifting. Working in a hospice is truly unique and we are very fortunate to be able to dedicate the time to our patients’ needs.”