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Hospiscare Heroes – A special thank you to trusts and foundations

This week, we are celebrating some very special Hospiscare Heroes: the trusts and foundations that support our local charity

At the start of the new financial year, we would like to send out a special thank you to the trusts and foundations who have supported our local charity in the last twelve months.

Donations from trusts and foundations have been absolutely critical to our hospice throughout 2020. Last year more than ever, there was a need to offer home-based, holistic care to people living with terminal illnesses and donations from trusts and foundations have been fundamental to maintaining patient and family welfare.

With the majority of our events and community opportunities placed on hold due to the pandemic, donations from trusts and foundations have been even more important this past year. In a time where staying connected has been vital, we have been able to receive support from local annual funders, as well as make links with new trusts in our community and further afield.

The amazing trusts and foundations that have supported us in the past year have been key in ensuring our doors remain open and we have been able to support some of the most vulnerable people in our community during this pandemic.

A woman in an office on the phone

Thanks to these donations, we have been able to fund a number of important projects for our charity in the last twelve months. The funding has been used on our ward to support COVID-19 preparations, from buying PPE and wipes to refurbishing Searle House to adapt to the safety measures required. This funding has also been used to support our Community Nurse Specialists and to buy headsets and webcam technology for virtual patient consultations. The funding has also been key in supporting our bereavement listening service.

We would like to send a special thank you to Devon Community Foundation and Devon County Council who have given us multiple donations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


This year, throughout incredible difficulty, we have seen the bringing together of both local and national communities to really work together and offer helping hands to those in need.  We would like to thank local organisations such as Western Power Distribution and The Exeter Chiefs Foundation, as well as Cranbrook and Honiton Town Council, for encouraging a sense of local community.

We would also like to thank the wider grant-giving bodies, such as the Albert Hunt Trust, Souter Charitable Trust, Assura Community Fund, Garfield Weston Foundation, the National Lottery’s Coronavirus Community Support Fund and the Hospital Saturday Fund, which have offered crucial donations for our cause.

To those who have been an ongoing part of the Hospiscare family, we also offer our thanks. Thank you to the Norman Family Charitable Trust, Ashworth Trust and the Ottery St. Mary League of Friends which have been so flexible and supportive of our work over the years and continue to be so. To the David Gibbons Foundation, Devon Freemasons Lodge and the Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust which have remained by our side during this most challenging year, we are sending our most grateful thanks.

To those who are new to the Hospiscare family, we also extend our thanks. To the Ritchie Charity, the ECOE Community Fund, Tesco Bags of Help and the Screwfix Foundation, we would like to say welcome and thank you for recognising the importance of Hospiscare to the community we serve. We are grateful to have you on board.

We are very grateful to the trusts who have donated to projects which have been delayed or put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are so appreciative of their flexibility in accommodating our charity’s needs.

Helping people to receive the care, love, and support they need during a time of crisis has been a challenge at times, but with the ongoing support of trusts and foundations, we know there is a whole community behind us, cheering us on. How wonderful that, in these difficult times, we can still build relationships and support each other. We are truly honoured to have been considered for these donations. Thank you.