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Hospiscare Heroes – A huge thank you for donations of PPE

A very special thank you to the community who have come together to support us during this difficult time

Today, we are sending out a very special thank you to the community who have come together to support us during this difficult time. We have been in real need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect our doctors and nurses as they continue to care for local people living with a terminal illness, both on our ward and in patients’ homes. Our community has not let us down and we are sending out the following special thank you for the donations of gloves, masks, goggles, aprons and hand gel that we have gratefully received.

A Hospiscare nurse with boxes of donated PPE

Firstly, a huge thank you to the University of Exeter for their generous donation of gloves, aprons and 110 FFP2/FFP3 masks. There were two trolley loads in total and our clinical staff were so grateful to receive these, as you can see above! The University have also informed us that there are more on the way.

A man with bin bags and boxes

We are sending warm thanks to Blundell’s School who have donated goggles to our staff at Searle House. Pictured above is Charlie Olive with bags of goggles which were delivered to our Exeter hospice.

Boxes of PPE outside Tiverton High School

Thank you also to Tiverton High School who have kindly donated goggles, disposable gloves, aprons and masks to our clinical staff.

A man holding a bottle of hand gel

Thank you to Barrat Homes for their donation of masks and hand gel. We are Barrat Homes Charity of the Year and picture above is Nick making the donation to Searle House.

Thank you also to ToptoBottom, our cleaning agency, who have donated 500 aprons to our clinical staff.

Thank you to Exeter School for donating goggles to protect our staff.

Thank you also to Exeter College for donating additional Personal Protective Equipment.

Finally, thank you to St James School for contacting their community and supporters on our behalf and arranging the delivery of goggles, hand gel and masks to our nurses and doctors.