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Facilitating difficult conversations

Video series: Discussing unwelcomed news during COVID-19

This collection of short videos have been produced by Dr Kathryn Mannix and her team to support clinicians in holding difficult conversations with patients and families in these challenging times, using the Real Talk Training framework.

To view the Real Talk Training Framework click here. To view the evidence base that informs this advice click here.

  • Video 1: The Framework – Dr Kathryn Mannix on the Real Talk framework for ‘tender bad news conservations’ (7 minutes)
  • Video 2: Community – Dr Mannix introduces Kim, a Specialist Palliative Care Nurse for disciussion on starting conversations with patients about Advance Care Planning (11 minutes)
  • Video 3: Breaking Bad News – Dr Mannix and Dr Hannah Gunn on breaking bad news (11 minutes)
  • Video 4: Ceilings of Treatment – Dr Mark Taubert talks through the “Treatment Ladder” of appropriate care (11 minutes)

NHCP communication guide for difficult conversations 

This downloadable pdf guide from the National Healthcare Communication Programme has been put together to support clinicians who are facilitating difficult conversations due to COVID-19. The guide utilises the Calgary-Cambridge Framework and includes useful phrases in an easy to read format.