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Mail Trail 2024

Exmouth Mail Trail – Woolly Postbox Toppers are Back!!

This year we’re featuring delightful seaside themes like ice creams, sunbathers, boats, sea creatures, as well as some fab additions like dinosaurs, a piano, and some Royal Marines.

Each postbox topper is sponsored by local businesses and will come complete with tags sharing information about the sponsors, makers, and Hospiscare.

Some Fun Facts about what goes into the Woolly Postbox Toppers:

  • 43 postboxes in Exmouth get a woolly makeover!
  • 28 yarnbombers, with 6 fresh faces joining us this year
  • 250+ balls of yarn, 30+ crochet hooks, 25+ pairs of knitting needles, and 48 darning needles
  • 1500+ hours of creative crafting over 6 months of planning and administration
  • 4 days for our team of 10 volunteers to set everything up
  • 258 cable ties, 27 glue guns, and 20m of fishing line
  • Hundreds of cups of tea, coffee and stronger, plus thousands of biscuits, cakes, muffins and more!
  • Not a single swear word uttered (though some comments made a few sailors blush), and no divorces yet, just some grumbling topper widowers.

The toppers will be up until the end of September, so there’s plenty of time to admire them. This year, we’re also selling postcards at Postcard Cafe, Exmouth.

Maps are sold from the following outlets:

Hospiscare Shop, The Parade – EX8 1RD     

Hospiscare Shop, Exeter Road – EX8 1PT                                     

Hospiscare Shop Budleigh – EX9 6LD                                           

Callands (Budgens) – Queens Drive – EX8 2AY                     

Living and Lifestyle Mobility – Brixington Parade – EX8 4JS  

Linen and Woolbox – Exmouth Indoor Market 12, The Strand Exmouth

We are very grateful to these outlets for stocking the maps!

Postcards can be ordered here:

Maps can be ordered here:

We’ve already raised over £3000 for Hospiscare, thanks to the fantastic support from the local community.

More details at – and contact

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