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Coping amid COVID-19

We look at daily actions to ensure we stay as mentally and physically well as we can.

In this week’s blog we’re exploring proven daily actions that each of us can take in our lives to ensure we stay as mentally and physically well as we can.

Action for happiness

The great news is that, as a society, we have access to a significant body of research regarding ways to stay healthy and positive. Organisations such as Action for Happiness are devoted to using this research to create happier societies and we can draw on this expertise to help us overcome current challenges.

The coping calendar: daily micros actions we can all take

This handy ‘Coping Calendar’, courtesy of Action for Happiness, has 30 suggested daily actions, each of which relates to one of our top tips for mental health.

By implementing one or more of the suggested actions every day, we can look after ourselves and the people around us as we face the global pandemic together.

Mental health coping calendar

A helping hand

If you find that you need another helping hand to stay positive, please reach out to someone in your life, whether at home or at work. And remember that, if you’re a Hospiscare employee, you can always make use of Health Assured’s Employee Assistance Helpline 24/7 and the charity Mind has a host of useful resources to help us cope at this time.

We promise you, this too will pass!