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Community Spirit: Why local business support is more important than ever

Local businesses Wilkinson Grant & Co and Jurassic Fibre explain why they support our local charity

We are fortunate to benefit from the support of a number of local businesses in our community. From holding company bake sales to taking part in Hospiscare events as a team, choosing Hospiscare as a charity partner ensures that we are able to deliver our vital care to local people.

Having Hospiscare as a charity partner is also hugely beneficial for the local businesses who choose to do so. Rather than hearing the benefits from us, we asked two of our local business supporters to explain the impact of their partnership with Hospiscare.

Gabby Weil from Wilkinson Grant explains, “As a local business, we believe very much in supporting local charities and Hospiscare is a charity close to many people’s hearts.

“Wilkinson Grant are the main supporter for Hospiscare’s Men’s Walk and we also support other events, such as The Great West Run, Hospiscare Coffee Mornings and Candles on the Canal. Several of our team members are regular marshals for the events and many of our male members take part in the Men’s Walk every year.

“As a local family business, we feel it is important to support such a worthwhile cause to enable it to carry on functioning to support and care for those who need it the most; not just patients, but family members as well. It also helps to unite the team within the business as we work together to help and support Hospiscare.”

We are very grateful to Wilkinson Grant who have kindly agreed to sponsor Men’s Walk 2021.

A man and two boys waving with a Wilkinson Grant logo on top

Beccy Nutthall from Jurassic Fibre says, “As an Exeter business, with employees and customers living in the local community, Jurassic Fibre believes it is important to support local charities.

“We were aware of Hospiscare and the incredible work they do to support so many local people and their families. We met some of the Hospiscare team at a local networking event and learnt about the sponsorship opportunities available for the Twilight Walk.

“When we heard about the Twilight Walk, we immediately wanted to lend our support. We were disappointed when we thought the walk may not go ahead due to the pandemic, but were bowled over by Hospiscare’s fortitude and determination when they decided to continue with the event. Having a virtual walk was a genius idea and Hospiscare managed to maintain the sense of fun and excitement that is such a big part of the Twilight Walk. Best of all, Hospiscare was able to raise much-needed funds and unite their supporters.

“Jurassic Fibre were proud and honoured to support such a wonderful and worthwhile charity and have offered to sponsor the Twilight Walk again in 2021. We want to continue building our relationship with Hospiscare and supporting them.

“We would encourage other organisations to support local charities, as they often do not receive the recognition and support that national charities benefit from.”“It is important to us and our staff to give back to the local community and, as a new business, we are starting to undertake community initiatives to ensure this happens, including launching a community scheme offering village halls free full fibre broadband for a year.

“We would encourage other organisations to support local charities, as they often do not receive the recognition and support that national charities benefit from.”

Women waving wearing pink t-shirts with Jurassic Fibre logo overlaid

If you’d like to talk about how your team can come together to raise money for your local hospice, please call Sarah on 01392 688020 or email fundraising@hospiscare.co.uk

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