Patrick Morris

Patrick grew up in Exeter and is a multi award-winning wildlife film producer, director, series producer and executive producer. His career spans twenty-nine years and includes the major BBC landmark series Life, Galapagos, Yellowstone, Wild Africa, British Isles, Wild Europe, Wild West and Mexico: Earth’s Festival of Life, and a range of highly acclaimed films for the BBC Natural World strand including Islands in the African Sky, Wings over the Serengeti, People of the Sea, Hokkaido: Garden of the Gods and Dune, following sand grains on a 10,000 year journey across the deserts of Namibia.

Patrick graduated from the University of Leeds with a first class honours degree in Zoology and was a scholar at King’s College, Taunton. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, an Ambassador for Just a Drop, a BAFTA member and Vice President of Hospiscare. He is a prolific public speaker, as has given numerous talks at schools, conferences and for charities about the nature of his work.

Patrick‘s films have twice won the ‘Grand Teton’ award (Best of Festival) at the Jackson Hole International Wildlife Film Festival for Galapagos: Born of Fire (BBC/National Geographic) and People of the Sea (BBC/National Geographic), and three times Best Limited Series (for Wild Africa, Europe and Yellowstone). He has also won the highly prestigious Peabody Award from the University of Georgia for excellence in documentary film making, with board members describing his melding of narrative, visuals and music as ‘stunning’ and ‘astonishing’. Patrick’s films have also been awarded four Wildscreen pandas (equivalent to the ‘green’ Oscars) including Best Series and Best Environment/Conservation award.

Patrick’s most ambitious film to date is the 85’ 3D movie Enchanted Kingdom for BBC Earth Films, in partnership with Evergreen Films, Reliance Entertainment and IM Global, narrated by Idris Elba, which takes you on an adventure to Africa to experience nature at its most intense and magical. Produced over four years and filmed in more than a dozen countries it won best motion picture documentary at the International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society, the equivalent of a 3D Oscar. The 40’ giant screen version, Wild Africa 3D, narrated by Helena Bonham-Carter, was also a great success in cinemas around the world.

Patrick is now working on a 5-part nature series for National Geographic called China’s Hidden Kingdoms with Brian Leith Productions in Bristol and developing a slate of new project ideas through his company Impala Pictures.