Welcome to Hospiscare Learning and Development Team

In order to provide excellence in supporting and caring for people and their loved ones as they approach the end of their lives, you will want to feel confident, capable, skilled and prepared.

Since 1982, Hospiscare Learning and Developmnet team has been training a range of healthcare professionals in all aspects of palliative care and is known as a centre of excellence. We have helped hundreds of doctors, nurses, home care assistants, nursing homes, social workers and individuals understand the complex issues surrounding the treatment of people with life-limiting illnesses

Our Learning and Development team is committed to supporting you in your professional and personal development. We offer educational events, placements and learning opportunities to inform and prepare you for your roles in end of life care.

Personalised Training

As well as the courses planned, we are able to offer bespoke training to meet your needs, from advance care planning to symptom control, to care in the last few days of life
You don’t have to go anywhere to get tailored face-to-face training from our team; we’ll bring our knowledge to you.

Your whole organisation can benefit from on-site training using your own experiences and covering topics that are important to you. Do get in touch to enquire further, we will be happy to help and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Hospiscare L&D- “Equipping health & social care  professionals with the knowledge to improve the palliative care services of the future.”