Tribute Funds

A lasting opportunity for family, friends and colleagues to pay a tribute to someone special.

At Hospiscare, we understand how important it is for you to remember someone you love.  For many people, setting up a tribute fund in the name of their loved one can be a positive way to support a cause while coming to terms with loss and grief.

Once your fund is created, you can add to it at any time.  Donations can be made by you or by family, friends and colleagues.  For example, you may choose to celebrate a special day or anniversary by contributing to the fund, whilst others may hold their own fundraising event or take part in one of our events such as the Twilight Walk or Light up a Life events. You can also have an online giving page where family and friends can contribute to the fund at any time.

There's no limit as to how little or often you can donate to the fund. We will write to you as the tribute fund holder once a year with an update on how much has been raised and the work that it's supporting.

If you would like to set up a tribute fund simply fill in the form below or call the fundraising office on 01392 688020 for more information.

The fundraising team are always pleased to offer support and guidance and we can also provide materials to help you with your fundraising if required.