Tina Naldrett

Tina has been associated with Hospiscare since 2013 when she became a Trustee and is delighted to have now joined them as their Director of Care.  

Tina is a registered general and mental health nurse, with a background in working with older people and those at the end of their lives in a variety of settings, since joining the health service in 1981.

She worked as Assistant Director of Nursing NHS community and community hospitals in North, East and Mid Devon for 10 years.

Prior to this she worked as a Stroke Coordinator, Hospital Matron and as a senior lecturer practitioner for Plymouth University, teaching at certificate, diploma, degree and masters level.

Tina has worked nationally as a Senior Fellow with the Royal College of Nursings’ Gerontological nursing programme.

Tina has an MSc in Health policy and gerontology, and has undertaken research on the sharing of roles between RMN’s and RGN’s.

As a Neuro linguistic practitioner she has special interests in the language used in difficult conversations. She is also interested in practice development, improvement through appreciation and how we can all maximise our own and others potential.

Tina lives in Devon with her husband and daughter and enjoys the pleasure of living in such a lovely county

She says: “I believe in the ability of people to achieve excellence, with insightful and motivated leadership; if we always remember we are here for the patients’ and their families we tend to get it right for people. 

I live in Devon with my family, dabble in meditation, am interested in appreciative enquiry, and how to energise people in their work and lives to feel a sense of reward and achieve their own and their organisations goals.

I am delighted to be working for the charity Hospiscare, as their values are a perfect match for my own. There is a real feeling of team and people work hard to deliver the quality care of which so many people are proud.”