Hospiscare Praises RD&EFT

Exeter Hospiscare has praised the RD&EFT Hospital for achieving a good rating in all areas of end of life care from the Care Quality Commission.

Wendy Sturt, Hospiscare Assistant Director of Patient Services, said: “We are thrilled to see that end of life care of patients and their families at the RD&EFT has been recognised. We pride ourselves on our strong partnership with the RD&EFT and we are delighted with these ratings. “

Hospiscare has a team of experts working at the hospital alongside the ward teams and the end of life team– it employs two specialist palliative nurses who are led by Mrs Sturt and Dr Becky Baines from our consultant medical team, all of whom work at the hospital. Hospiscare has been providing this expert help since 1995 when Mrs Sturt was the first Hospiscare specialist palliative nurse to work at the hospital.

The CQC report said: “There were excellent links between specialist palliative care team and the palliative discharge team and community nursing staff and others... The leadership of end of life care was evident from all staff. The service had a clear vision and strategy to provide good quality end of life care and leaders recognised that progress was still needed.”

The report praised patient care including well managed pain and nutrition and hydration. It said specialist staff had the skills, knowledge and experience to provide effective end of life care. Staff treated patients and those close to them with kindness, dignity, respect and compassion.

The report also noted that arrangements for using bank staff for occasional cover in the specialist palliative care team, provided by Hospiscare, kept patients safe at all times.