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Bed appeal

Bed appeal

Please help us replace a number of worn-out beds and mattresses in our ward to ensure the comfort of our patients

The number of patients coming into our care is increasing. It is vital to keep all of our beds available so we can continue to meet the needs of our local community.

On the in-patient ward at Searle House, we look after the people who are really very poorly and can’t be cared for at home.  Our patients will often be spending the last days of their lives with us, so we want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible so they can make the most of the time they have with those they love.

That’s why, for our patients who are acutely ill, we use a special high/low bed. These are fully motorised, mobile, extendable beds that offer the best comfort and security to our patients.

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These beds can go as low as 10 inches from the floor, which for a patient who is unsteady and at risk of falling, provides much greater security.  By lowering the bed to the floor and laying another mattress alongside it, the risk of harm is greatly reduced  and allows the patient to be mobile because there is reduced fear of falling.



The beds have easy-reach panels on the headboards so that patients can adjust their own positions without having to ask for assistance, as well as staff-operated controls on the outside.



The beds are also fully adjustable, ranging from straight and flat, to a full chair position so that patients can change position while still fully supported. This means that a patient can make themselves more comfortable without the physical stress of having to move their body.

Unfortunately, the older high/low beds we currently have are now in need of replacement as parts are wearing out and the beds no longer function reliably.

Please donate today to help us replace our beds

Along with the beds, we also need to replace some of our specialised pressure relieving mattresses, which have tubes of air to keep patients comfortable.  We can deflate individual tubes, creating a space so that tender heels can float above the mattress. But, best of all, the mattresses can gently turn a patient from side to side on a regular cycle. This means that we don’t have to disturb patients as much, reducing the number of times they need to be moved by hand, which can be so difficult and uncomfortable.

Many of our patients on the ward are so poorly, they have to remain in bed and because of their illness, have a limited range of movement.  This means that they are at risk of developing pressure sores and ulcers, especially where the skin is very thin and delicate, such as the heels or lower back. The wounds that develop can be deep and incredibly painful, causing more distress to our patients who are already in a very vulnerable condition. So it’s vital that all our beds have these specialist mattresses which help us to avoid these conditions from developing.

We have three beds and at least two mattresses in urgent need of replacement. Because these beds are so versatile, adjusting to so many positions, they aren’t cheap. Each bed costs £5,350 and the mattresses cost another £2,000 each. But they make such a difference to the comfort, pain relief and dignity of our patients, every penny spent on them is worth it. Please could you help us with a small donation towards these costs?