Nurse Led Clinics


What are Nurse Led Clinics?

Hospiscare’s Nurse Led Clinics are a personalised healthcare service which has been created to help the local Devon community access our expertise and services. Clinic appointments will allow you to have a consultation with one of our nurses away from your home setting. 

What is involved in a Nurse Led Clinic appointment?

At these appointments, one of our specialist nurses will be able to assess and review any symptoms you may have and give you opportunity to discuss any other concerns. By visiting one of our centres it enables you to find out about other services and activities going on at Hospiscare. This includes things like complementary therapies and support groups. 

How can I book an appointment?

Your Hospiscare nurse will invite you to a clinic appointment if it is felt to be appropriate. Appointments will normally last up to an hour. 

What if I feel too unwell to attend a clinic appointment?

If you had a pre-arranged clinic appointment and feel too unwell to attend on the day, please call your local Hospiscare office and they will either reschedule or arrange for a nurse to visit you at home.

Where are Nurse Led Clinics held?

Nurse Led Clinics are currently held in the following areas: 

 Why does Hospiscare offer this service?

  • To provide you with a personalised healthcare service that tailored to your needs
  • As a response to the changing needs and wants of the local community
  • To provide a timely and effective service
  • Introduce you and your family to Hospiscare’s services.

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