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Being Kind to Yourself Being Kind to Yourself

This week we are linking up with Mental Health Awareness Week, for which this year’s theme is 'Kindness'. 

There’s a wealth of information availble about coping in these unusual times, from MIND, NHS Every Mind Matters and Mental Health Foundation among others. So much so in fact that the volume of guidance may even feel overwhelming or confusing.  So let’s...

Learning During Lockdown Learning During Lockdown

As we enter our ninth week of lockdown, many of us will have tidied every cupboard, cleaned until our hands are raw, weeded our gardens to perfection, binged all of our favourite TV shows and read the stack of books that has been on our bedside table (for years…). 

If you...

Self-care during COVID-19 Self-care during COVID-19

Caring for ourselves can take a back seat when we also need to care for others. “Self-care” can fall by the wayside or feel like we’re being selfish. But if we don’t care for ourselves, we won’t be able to care for others!

It’s completely normal to feel sad, stressed or...

Help for Getting a Good Night's Sleep Help for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Our Director of Workplace Development, Annette Hill, writes on the importance of sleep for health - and how to achieve a good night's sleep....

‘Sleep is not an optional luxury. It’s a non-negotiable biological necessity’ – Russell Beck, Director of Inspiration at ImagineThinkDo.

In the first two of our weekly wellbeing blogs, we...

Coping amid COVID-19 Coping amid COVID-19

Our first weekly wellbeing blog touched on the effect of uncertainty on the human brain and principles for staying mentally well during this time.

In this week’s blog we’re exploring proven daily actions that each of us can take in our lives to ensure we stay as mentally and physically well...

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