A Huge Thank You to our Hospiscare Hamper Heroes!


Hospiscare Christmas Hamper campaign


Our Christmas Hamper campaign has been a phenomenal success, and it's all thanks to YOU!

Everyone who made a hamper or who bought a ticket to win a hamper contributed to an astounding fundraising effort as the campaign has raised over £11,000 for our local charity!

Right across the heart of Devon, businesses, community groups and individuals have been filling boxes with exciting goodies and selling tickets for the chance to win.

Our Hospiscare Hamper Heroes have gone all out this year, with hampers full of alcoholic drinks, speciality coffee hampers and even a hamper with a Dyson hoover!


RD&E Christmas hamper for Hospiscare


Thrifty have once again gone above and beyond to fundraise for us with their online hamper raising over £1,000!

Thank you to everyone who took part, whether you organised a hamper, contributed to the goodies within it or bought a ticket to win. We are so grateful for the level of support the campaign received, and for all of the fun and laughter this campaign brought with it (as you can see from the photos)!

Denise Hook, organiser of the Christmas Hamper campaign at Hospiscare, sends her personal thanks:

"Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work. The effort everyone put in is fantastic."


Hospiscare Christmas hamper


If you missed your chance to do a Christmas Hamper, it's not too late! Some of our fundraisers who missed the Christmas deadline are putting together Easter Hampers instead. It turns out that a hamper is not just for Christmas!