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Could you open your garden for Hospiscare in 2018?


Yes, it's true - we're already looking for gardeners to open their gardens in 2018! 

Opening your garden is a fun and friendly way to help raise funds to help care for local people with life-limiting illnesses.  Whether your garden is big or small, wild or neat, urban or rural... we don't mind at all!

Why not register your interest in the form below? Or keep scrolling to read answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about opening your garden for Hospiscare. 





Rose Cottage


Opening your garden is a great way of raising money while having a great time at the same time. But you might be wondering how it all works. So why not take a look at our FAQs to see whether you might be interested in getting involved? 

My garden isn’t very big, can I take part in the Open Gardens?  

Yes everybody is welcome to join in, we like gardens of all sizes and styles.  If you have a small garden it might be an idea to ask your neighbours if they would like to open their gardens with you.  Neighbourhood events are always popular.

I have some steep drops and a large pond, will they be a problem? 

Almost certainly not, we like to meet as many of our gardeners as possible so when we visit, we will also undertake a Risk Assessment of your garden.  This only takes a short while and will make sure we can alert visitors to any potential hazards in the garden.

Visitors will be welcome in the garden but I don’t really want them in my house, do I have to provide toilet facilities? 

There is no obligation to provide a toilet for visitors.  If you have an easily accessible toilet you are happy for visitors to use, that is great but we don’t expect that.   Visitors will be advised there are no facilities available at the garden.

What happens if somebody gets injured whilst looking at the garden? I have a couple of steps from the patio to the lawn. 

Hospiscare’ s Public Liability insurance would cover injuries to visitors in the garden provided we have prior knowledge of the event.   As part of that we would also undertake a risk assessment, all hazards will be signed so there shouldn’t be any risk to visitors.  We also advise you to tell your insurance company you are opening your garden, this should be a formality and shouldn’t incur any cost.

I’m worried I won’t raise enough for you, do you have any tips for me? There is no minimum amount to raise but we appreciate having put in hard work for the garden opening, you want to make the most you can to support our patients, so there will be hints and tips as part of the support once you have registered.  We are here to help as much as we can and are always available to discuss your garden opening at any stage.

Advertising is something I worry about, how would people know about my garden being open? 

Hospiscare produces a garden booklet each year which is distributed to 12,000 people over the season.  Provided your garden is registered by the 5th January 2018, it will be included in the booklet.  We also have great contacts with gardening magazines and websites and will produce posters and fliers in advance of your garden opening, so that they can be displayed locally, we will share all the garden information via social media too and have this dedicated page on our website.

How would I get enough cups and saucers for my teas and would there be anybody available to help on the day?

Hospiscare have a limited supply of cups and saucers, tea urns etc which you can arrange to collect from us if they are booked in advance.  We can also advise you where you may be able to go locally to borrow the things you may need.  Our volunteer Support Groups have many years’ experience of helping at open gardens, if they are available they are also happy to help you out, again provided they have enough notice. 


These are the most usual concerns raised about Open Gardens but should you have other queries, please do call us on 01392 688020 and we will be happy to chat everything through with you.

Still interested? Then fill out the form at the top of this page to register your interest, or call Susie on 01392 688020.